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Veronika London discusses her career

Actress and Model, Veronika London returns to the small screen

With iZombie still going strong during a time of year when other shows are ending, how could you not want to see some new additions to the show. Veronika London is returning to the small screen after injuring herself a while back that almost cost her career. An absolute beauty and full of grace, Veronika is incredible to see on screen, which you have seen her most recently on Lucifer on Fox opposite Lucifer himself, Tom Ellis.

Deemed one of the Canadian’s sex symbols by more than one publication, Veronika is definitely not letting us down with the label. Whether she is on screen or in magazines, Veronika is controlling the camera and keeping everyone’s eyes fixated on her performance. She loves what she does and it shows in every seen and every photo that she captures.

You may have seen Veronika in some other shows and films and thought, “who is that actress?” She starred opposite Vivica A. Fox in Searching for Angels and captivated the audience with her performance as Angel. Make sure to check out Veronika tonight on iZombie on the CW.


Wingman Magazine: You have made your illustrious return to screen after an injury. What happened that caused you to be out of work?

Veronika London: I initially sprained my ankle when I was rehearsing a fight sequence for a film I was working on. Then while recovering from a sprain I slipped and fractured my ankle.


Wingman Magazine: You have a part on iZombie coming up soon as Taryn. What can you tell us about your character, I am sure it’s under lock and key until the episode airs.

Veronika London: Taryn is the cute ordinary neighbor and ex- girlfriend of Finn (Robert Richard)


Wingman Magazine: Have you been a fan of iZombie in the past, not only the show but the graphic novel?

Veronika London: Yes, I am a huge fan of the show and just recently discovered the graphic novel.


Wingman Magazine: On Lucifer you played the love interest of the main character, Lucifer. What was it like working on set it looks like such a fun cast and crew?

Veronika London: I loved the cast and crew. Everyone was super welcoming and nice. My scenes were mostly with Tom and Tricia, they were so pleasant to work with and hang out with when not on set.


Wingman Magazine: How did you get started in the entertainment world and what was the film or television show that got you the most interested in the field?

Veronika London: From a young age I did print work which then turned to working on commercial and music videos. Working on the film Searching For Angels was a turning point for me when I realized my passion lies in front of the camera bringing characters to life.


Wingman Magazine: You are now known as a sex symbol by some of the biggest publications on the planet. What has that done to help boost your popularity not only on screen but with fans on social media?

Veronika London: It has definitely helped in terms of exposure and popularity. Appearing on Maxim magazine was on my bucket list.


Wingman Magazine: Being one of Inside Fitness Magazine’s top 100 is a great honor. When you hear these types of announcements about yourself, what do you think about them?

Veronika London: I am really proud of myself. I’ve made a conscious effort to live a healthier lifestyle which includes hitting the gym six days a week and eating pretty clean. Being recognized for it is a great feeling.


Wingman Magazine: I did read that you may be interested in working on a superhero film. Are you a fan of the superhero films and television shows?

Veronika London: I love superhero films and television shows. I am most fascinated by the villains and the fight sequences. I’ve taken martial arts since the age of five.


Wingman Magazine: As a model turned actress the camera loves you and you work it well for film and print. What about being a model prepared you for the world of acting?

Veronika London: Being comfortable in front of a camera and with how I look.


Wingman Magazine: You have a tattoo that looks like binary code on your back. What does it say, if it is binary code?

Veronika London: It is binary code and it means Desire. My first year of University I took Computer Science before I switched to Marketing which later I switched to Performing Arts.


Wingman Magazine: As an attractive latin actress and all of the white washing going on in films and television shows, how have you found that it has affected you on a personal level?

Veronika London: I personally have not been affected by it. If anything I feel like times are changing and there are more opportunities.