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No Angel review

The comic book that can relate to everyone


Comic books are usually all about superheroes, villains, amazing adventures and everything we loved to read about as kids. The new comic ‘No Angel’ has something for everyone, including family problems. Written and created by the brother and sister tandem of Eric and Adrianne Palicki, No Angel makes you contemplate your own family dysfunctions. No Angel definitely seems like it was written to make it pull at your heart a little bit. This in turn definitely keeps the reader, including us wanting more.

The first issue of what we hope will be many, takes place with Hannah returning home for multiple funerals. Her father and brother had both been killed by an intruder of some sort. There has obviously been a previous rift between Hannah and the rest of her family. Every reminds Hannah that her father would always talk about her, and how proud of her he was. As a former soldier and now agent of the FBI, Hannah wants to investigate the murders of her family. This doesn’t sit well with her friend Sean, who is also the deputy on the police force.


While at the funeral, Hannah is approached by a woman that she had never seen or talked to before. Miriam was a “friend” of her father’s for many years and not just in the platonic way, but in the “biblical,” way. Not only does Hannah get extremely pissed, but she decides to confront Miriam at her home. While questioning Miriam, Hannah found out that the affair her father had been having may have caused the murders of him and her brother. Miriam and John ( Hannah’s father) both believed in the Nephilim of the book of Genesis where children are angels. At this point, Hannah finds out that she has a half-sister, who just so happens to have Angel wings.

Where can this story go from here? It could go absolutely anywhere and it is intriguing just to find out. The artwork is fantastic and Hannah is definitely inspired by writer Adrianne Palicki. This book is only the beginning of this story of Hannah and the Angel. Does Hannah have Angel-like tendencies hidden inside of her? Will she find out who or what killed her brother and father? Make sure to check out No Angel by Black Mask Studios. Check them out and pick up your copy now. Don’t to get your issues of No Angel, like we did at New York Comic Con.