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Flyboard Hamptons Soar!

Photo Credit: Tyge O'Donnell Pro Flyboarder Sean Ray.





Photo Credit: Tyge O’Donnell
Photo of Pro Flyboarder Sean Ray

Summer isn’t over yet, and us weekend warriors over at Wingman Magazine are ready to soak up every last moment of sun possible- and that means knocking off every summer bucket list adventure imaginable. And that definitely means spending a day partying in the Hamptons while boating, fishing, eating great food, and soaring across the sky on flyboards!

At Windswept Marina in East Moriches, guests are treated to that and so much more as the awesome bay offers up opportunities for kayaking, paddle boarding, catching fish, and the amazing Coral Restaurant that is constantly serving up delicious food and drinks. And then, of course, there are those Flyboards- futuristic personal water crafts that can propel it’s users up to thirty-five feet in the air as they ride around the bay!


Wingman spent an amazing day learning all about how these Flyboards work with the CEO’s of Flyboard Hampton’s; Jared Ray, Dylan Ray, and Adam Clark- three guys who are as passionate about their business as they are about the amazing tricks they can do- which includes somersaults, cartwheels, and back-flips! And, all these stunts are done thirty-five feet in the air!

But, it comes as no surprise that these three are the best in the business when it comes to the hottest new summer sport known as “HydroFlight,” and that they are quickly destroying all their competition from New York to all across the globe- Flyboard Hampton’s owners Jared and Dylan share blood with the sport’s hottest athlete; Sean Ray! Multi-award winning all over the world from Naples, Florida, to Cavalier France, to Dubai, Ray has been literally gliding high! The phenomenal athlete is sponsored by Ronix boots, Boulder boats, Flycaptain- the official Hydroflight team, and Zapata Racing- and Franky Zapata was the very creator of HyrdoFlight! And, of course, it goes without saying that Ray is also sponsored by the family business- the unbeatable Flyboard Hamptons.

A great day for any weekend warrior, these awesome guys take guests out on their boat, giving a tour of the entire Hamptons as they set sail for Swan Island- a sweet remote spot that is perfect for HydroFlight. Once there, they suit new flyers up and give them a great, in-depth tutorial about how these Flyboards work to assure that even newbies will be having a blast and soaring across the sky. And, guests can even stay into the night and treat themselves to a light show performed by these incredible athletes as they don L.E.D suits and light up the night brighter than the stars with their stellar tricks!

When our Wingman girls spoke to Jared, Dylan and Ray they also told us a few more great things about their company as well; like the fact that although they are based regularly in Windswept Marina, they also travel for private events, bachelor parties, birthday parties, and more! And, this is not a company that has any intention of going away after labor day- they plan on sticking around well into early Fall- so get ready for an endless summer!

And while Flyboard Hamptons offers much more than just Flyboards as guests can also ride around on boats, kayaks, and paddleboards, Windswept Marina patrons can also find some fun over at Back Bay Outfitter, owned by Tommy Cornicelli- also known as Captain Tom. Just opened this season, the shop is the only shop on Moriches bay, and the store has the largest live bait system on the island. And Captain Tom definitely knows his stuff- with thirty-nine years in the outdoor industry and twenty-five years as a charter captain, he is definitely knowledgeable! And a percentage of all profits go to St. Judes Children’s Hospital- so not only is this activity fun, it’s charitable!

Then, after a long day fishing and flying around, it only makes sense that Windswept Marina guests would be famished. Luckily, there’s excellent eating options! With The Coral Restaurant right there, guests are treated to not only great atmosphere with a beautiful restaurant that overlooks the bay, but also incredible food made by four star chef Alex Bujoreanu! Offering great seafood and Spanish tapas, the diverse chef cooks up great dishes that range from grilled octopus, to smoked oysters, to Chilean sea bass! And, for everyone out there that is looking to eat healthy, Bujoreanu makes a special effort to work with many organic materials that will keep you on that lean diet.

And, while the restaurant is the crème de la crème of high society- there is absolutely zero attitude or snobbiness. The Coral Restaurant owners Peter Marchelos, Jim Carbone, Arton Lekaj and Lisa Marascia are making a strong effort for their establishment to be part of the community- and they very much appreciate customer’s support and feedback, so they value having a friendly atmosphere that is very much welcome. Our Wingman ladies spoke with restaurateur Lisa Marascia at the bar and she informed them that they will be adding tons of fun events to their line-up in the future, including; Sangria Sundays, Mimosa Mondays, and many more. And the best part is- they plan on being open year round– so the fun doesn’t have to end!

So, don’t think about summer waning, and remember that there are still a few weeks left. Live in the moment and keep crossing off those summer bucket list activities, and the first thing you must check off? Flyboard Hamptons! Trust us- you won’t be sorry.


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