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Emmanuelle Vaugier Interview

Photo Credit: Brie Childers


Canadian actress Emmanuelle Vaugier is an amazing talent that just so happens to be on so many of our favorite shows of the past. Her career has spanned close to twenty years and she has only gotten more beautiful and talented over that time. She has been on Two and a Half Men as Charlie’s fiance` Mia, Detective Angell on CSI: NY and Lex Luthor’s wife, Dr. Helen Bryce on Smallville. You can see her now on the upcoming final season of Lost Girl on Showcase in Canada or SyFy in the United States starting in early September.

Emmanuelle’s career has engulfed every type of film and television genre there is. We asked her what she thought about that, and this what she had to say:

“If I had to do the same genre all the time it would get boring. I like the different roles and genres I have worked in and wouldn’t change that. People get pigeonholed, to no fault of their own.  If you’ve played a certain type of character on a successful show for a period of time, you often get offered a lot of similar opportunities because of it.”


Photo Credit: Brie Childers

Wingman Magazine: You’ve had a busy last couple of months. Two movies released, returning to Lost Girl for the final season, starring on Mistresses and planning a charity event. Do you not like to sit still?

Emmanuelle Vaugier: I do, I just don’t get a lot of time to do it. I get bored very quickly if I am sitting around for too long. I like my downtime, but I do like to stay active.

WM: What can you tell us about your current projects that you have coming out and that have come out recently? (Teen Lust, My Stepdaughter, Mistresses, Lost Girl)

Emmanuelle Vaugier: My six episodes of Mistresses have already aired earlier this summer. And in Lost Girl, which starts up in September on Showcase and SyFy, the final eight episodes. They decided to split up the final season into two 8 episode season instead of just one season. We shot My Stepdaughter last year in LA and I have not seen the final product as of yet.

WM: We loved you back on Smallville ( Dr. Helen Bryce). Seeing the popularity of the comic based shows, and Smallville leading the way. Did you ever see it being such an explosion not only on film but on TV?

Emmanuelle Vaugier: Back when I was on Smallville, it was really the beginning of that genre of television and teen entertainment. Comic books have been a part of the world of entertainment for years, but now it’s become such a big thing to capitalize on in film and television. To a certain extent I didn’t really imagine that it would become what it has become.

WM: Any plans to join any of the many Comic book based shows like Arrow or Flash?

Emmanuelle Vaugier: Yeah, definitely. Those shows would absolutely be a lot of fun to be a part of. Those shows are always action packed and the characters are  entertaining, so absolutely.

WM: Was there any one actor that took you under their wing as a mentor when you started in Hollywood?

Emmanuelle Vaugier: No, not really. There have been many people that have helped me along the way, obviously and guided me. But there was never one specific person that I would consider my mentor that guided me for years and was that person to me. I have had many people be incredibly helpful and steer me in the right direction and give me great advice.



WM: One of your first TV gigs was back in 1995 on Highlander. Besides current projects, which one or two were you most favorite?

Emmanuelle Vaugier: There have been so many projects that I have worked on that I loved that it makes it hard to pick one or two. Painkiller Jane was a lot of fun. There was a lot of action, weapons training and fight training, and I love that. Two and a Half Men was also a lot of fun. It is completely opposite of what I had done. I haven’t done a ton of comedy, but I really like it and it when that came along it was a new challenge and I had a really great time on that show.

WM: One of my favorite episodes of Two and a Half Men was the one where you wanted Charlie to help you get a singing gig. Definitely a hysterical episode…was that your actual singing voice?

Emmanuelle Vaugier: Yeah pretty much. Chuck called me at home and said, “can you sing?” And I told him. “I sing karaoke and I can sing in the shower, but nothing special. Does anyone else like to hear me sing, probably not.” And his only response to it was, “Perfect.” I got all nervous and had no idea what was gonna happen. And with that episode, it was fantastic because there was no pressure to sing well or practice, I could just have fun and belt it out. At one point the producers said, “you have been practicing too much, and you are starting to sound better, so back off of it a little bit.” So yeah, I am not a singer. I have a lot of fun singing, but I’m not a singer.


WM: Mia on 2.5 Men, Detective Angell on CSI: NY, Dr Bryce on Smallville and The Morrigan on Lost Girl. All incredibly strong female characters that you have played. What really drew you to these parts when reading the scripts?

Emmanuelle Vaugier: The Morrigan was just a really fun, sexy role. We didn’t know that she would end up being a big part of the show going forward. When I first read the material I thought it was great. She is dark, edgy, sexy, evil and everything is a little over the top and campy. It was fun to live in the fantasy world for a few years.  CSI: NY was great because of all the physicality, guns, chasing and tackling people. Working with Gary Sinise and Eddie Cahill and Milena, was all fantastic. In Smallville, it was only season 2 and and some of season3.  By then it was already a big hit, it was great to be a part of that. The show had a long run, and I made some lifelong friendships. I had a deal with Warner Bros. at the time, which drew me to the part. I still had to go in and meet everyone, and do a chemistry test with Michael Rosenbaum. All the shows were different experiences, and all really great ones at that. .



WM: You are obviously an incredibly beautiful and strong woman. Lost Girl is an incredibly sexual show without hitting that R-rating. Was there any scene that made you feel uncomfortable, or did you feel more empowered because of the character that you were portraying?

Emmanuelle Vaugier: I don’t think I was ever uncomfortable on that set. There was a scene where Zoie Palmer aka Lauren and I have a girl on girl experience and certain things happen, and I am supposed to have this big orgasm. It’s definitely ridiculous with all of the cameras and crew watching. It wasn’t uncomfortable, but it was definitely a bit silly. We would cut and just start laughing because of how ridiculous it all was. The circumstances are just so absurd, so it’s more funny than anything else.

WM: You have been on close to 100 different projects. Looking back, if you had to pick one part that was most like your personality which would it be and why?

Emmanuelle Vaugier: Probably Mia from Two and Half Men would be the closest to who I am. I am goofy and laid back, but I can also be a little type A, which is how Mia was written. Mia was also vegan for a while on that show, there was a whole “my tongue is meat,” episode, where Charlie wasn’t allowed to eat meat. I am not vegan, but I am very aware of where my food  and meat products comes from. I am veering more in the vegan direction, just taking baby steps for now.

WM: I know some actors don’t like to watch themselves on screen or television. Do you watch all of shows and movies you are in? How critical of your own performance are you?

Emmanuelle Vaugier: I don’t watch everything. I will watch the bigger projects, if you will. I watch the work that I think I would add to my demo reel and use for that purpose. I enjoy watching my work, but I definitely haven’t seen everything. I used to hate watching myself, and was hypercritical. Now, I can watch my performance more objectively. In the past I was like, “ Oh my god I hate it when I did that, or did this. I hated my make up in that scene, or my hair was off.” And of course you are the only person that is that critical of yourself, because no one else thinks that way but you.



WM: October 3rd you have The Fluffball charity event. What is it all about and how can we spread the word?

Emmanuelle Vaugier: The Fluffball is my own non-profit charity that I started in 2009. It is a foundation that helps raise awareness for various animal welfare organizations. This year we are supporting the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, which rescues, rehabilitates and finds new homes for animals in severe abuse situations. Every year going forward we will choose a different animal charity to support. We are focusing on smaller organizations in the Los Angeles area that need help and don’t have the support of big corporate sponsors. We also have a crowdrise campaign to help raise money for this years event.

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