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DaJuan Johnson talks about being the Good Cop

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If you are one of the few people who have not seen the Amazon Prime hit Bosch yet, you need to step up your game. DaJuan Johnson who stars as Rondell Pierce will captivate your screen and keep you coming back. DaJuan has one of those very familiar police officer faces that you think might have pulled you over and given you a warning, but in reality he plays a lot of police officers with a friendly face. And in his hit show, Bosch, he does just the same and we love it all.

A lifetime fan of the comic book genre, DaJuan’s first job was at a comic book store where he took store credit INSTEAD of actual pay… that is serious love for comic books. When he told us that, our mouths just dropped and we had to give him serious props and became the real super hero and true Wingman. Whether it be his short roles on CSI, Agent Carter and Scrubs or his amazing work on Bosch, DaJuan shows just how much he loves his craft and that he grows with every role and found a serious groove this season.

Hey may be an actor by trade, but DaJuan prides himself on his family time. He might say that he takes his two sons to Disneyland for them, but we know better. Who doesn’t love to feel like a kid and hit up the teacups once in awhile? DaJuan also loves to cook and meditate in his free time, which we hope he gets in between those Disney trips with and without his kids.


Again, check out DaJuan Johnson’s work on Bosch on Amazon Prime if you haven’t already.


Wingman Magazine: Congratulations on Bosch being picked up for season 4. It seems you have really found your home in Bosch. How has your experience been with this show?

DaJuan Johnson: Thank you! Yeah, I do think I’ve found a home on BOSCH. Great, cast. Great, writers and producers. Fantastic crew! Feel grateful to be a part of it all. I have to say my experience has been great. This last year was especially special — I kind of really felt I found my groove. Working with Titus Welliver and Paul Cauldron was nothing short of a master class in acting. And Paul, he’s my partner on the show, is great. What started out as two detectives working together morphed into a mentorship, then morphed again into a big brother role. I have so much respect for him. Now, that Titus Welliver (laughter) – he definitely treats me like a little brother. Always quizzing me on my old school cinema. And shaking his head at just how many movies I haven’t seen. I’m not even going to mention how I goofed the old Spartacus with the TV series on Starz. Let’s just say I have a list of movies I’ve been watching since we’ve wrapped.

Photo Credit: JSquared Photography


Wingman Magazine: For people that haven’t seen Bosch, what can you tell us about your character Detective Rondell Pierce and how much of yourself have you put into the character?

DaJuan Johnson: Wait? There are people that haven’t seen BOSCH yet?! Pierce is a by the book guy. A straight shooter that wants to get ahead. Honest and fiercely loyal. Started as a beat cop in the pilot and first two seasons and got promoted this season. You know, I think there’s a lot of ME in Pierce. I strive really hard to be open and honest in life and I love a good challenge. I think making Detective this season and wanting to prove himself is very DaJuan. But, we’re both up for the challenge as I think you’ll see throughout the season.  


Wingman Magazine: Do you see any of Rondell’s characteristics in yourself? Is there one trait he has that you think you need to work as well?

DaJuan Johnson: He’s a GREAT dresser. Gosh, I wish I had his style in real life. But, I have to say that I’ve learned a lot from him and a lot of my style right now is influenced by what he wears. Now, of course we have an awesome wardrobe department that makes it all possible — but still it gives me a base.


Wingman Magazine: You have been some sort of police officer in a lot of the shows you have been on. Do you think your persona just screams cop?

DaJuan Johnson: (laughter) Yeah, I guess you can say something about me screams cop — but GOOD cop. I’m going to say it’s the honest face. I’m looking forward to playing the cop with the dark past or who’s hiding a secret.


Wingman Magazine: How did you fall in love with the world of entertainment and what made you want to become an actor? How much time do you have?

DaJuan Johnson: (Smiles) The cheesy answer is, when I was young…in 8th grade…I was the scarecrow in our school’s production of the Wizard of Oz. And I loved it. I loved the rollercoaster of emotions the audience went on. The energy. All of it. I knew then I wanted to become an actor. Then when I grew up, I started to understand that everyone has a purpose, a gift — some heal the world as a doctor or maybe as a writer — my gift was acting. Helping others see something a little different. Feel something they hadn’t felt before or in a long time. Think about it, if you’re in the ER of a hospital. Something terrible has probably happened. There’s always a TV in the waiting room, right? It’s really amazing to see that for a brief moment, you can forget your situation — laugh, cry because of a sitcom that on — and then go back to your problems afterwards. That’s what I love about our craft. Is that too cheesy? I’m going to lose my wingman card, huh?

Photo Credit: JSquared Photography

Wingman Magazine: Is there any certain actor or actress that you looked up to as a child so much that it made you want to make that leap to entertainer?

DaJuan Johnson: Definitely Denzel Washington… however, the actor that really made me sit back and say, “I wanna be like him,” Ed Norton. Primal Fear blew my mind. His acting was nothing short of amazing.

Wingman Magazine: With the comic book movie and tv genre booming and firing on all cylinders, is there one character in that world that you would love to play?

DaJuan Johnson: This is my genre. I love it. My first job at 15 was in a comic bookstore. They didn’t even pay me a check. I worked on store credit. Where I just bought more comics. It seriously, to date, was the best job! I love the X-men. And for years thought that people of color had to control the weather like Storm. So, I’d always choose those powers. But, of course manlier. Now? I’d love to play someone with a telekinetic and telepathic ability. Move stuff with your mind, yes, please!

Wingman Magazine: I did see that you love to go to Disneyland with your 2 sons. What are your favorite rides or attractions to go to there?

DaJuan Johnson: Small correction. I like to go to Disney without my kids! (hahaha) Yeah, I’m going to admit it. I love to adult Disney. It’s a happy place. Mostly because they’ve added adult beverages. But, please never tell my kids I go without them. There would be mutiny! Favorite ride would be a toss-up between haunted mansion and space mountain.