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By Andrew Cristi


Veteran’s Day is coming close, and we here at Wingman Magazine know our readers are patriotic and thankful most of all in the month of November to the brave men and women who give and risk their lives for our country- and we are also very thankful for incredible actors who not only know how to powerfully portray these heroes on screen, but also have a deep appreciation for the combat boots they are stepping into- and that is definitely Mr. Brad Beyer. The second we heard he was friends with his “42” co-star, Gino Anthony Pesi- a former Wingman cover guy and one of the most humble, sincere men on earth- we knew we would be in good company, and Beyer didn’t disappoint!  Like Pesi, Brad is just as kind, thoughtful, well-mannered, and well-spoken- the exact kind of guy we want to admire on screen, and let’s face it- he’s one heck of an actor! Even when he plays a character that’s less than likable, it’s hard not to be in awe of the gifted actor as he steals scenes, and “Thank You For Your Service” offers another outstanding performance from the compelling star.

But, we aren’t the only people that are pleased by “Thank You For Your Service.” Beyer himself is overjoyed with the film and when asked about it, can’t help but praise every detail from writer/director Jason Hall, to the amazing cast he is surrounded by as he states that he believes “Miles Teller deserves an Oscar.” The humble actor goes on to state that he thinks the whole movie deserves an Oscar and he is honored to be in it, and us fans can’t help but echo these statements. But, the one thing that Beyer is leaving out is how equally deserving he is of praise and accolades as his addition to the film is both powerful and invaluable.

This isn’t the first time the Wisconsin native made an impressive mark in a military film; in the beginning of his career, Beyer stole the show alongside the incomparably talented Madeleine Stowe in “The General’s Daughter” in a scene so well done that it could be taught in acting schools for acting table-tennis at its best. The two lit an emotional fire on screen as they matched every note with one another flawlessly, never missing a beat as they played to a lightning pace- and for an actor just beginning his career, it was certainly a performance that would have been hard for Beyer to top.

In Universal Pictures new riveting war biography drama, the skilled artist tops that and then-some. As Beyer says himself, the story is so powerful, and “Thank You For Your Service” is not only beautifully paying tribute to our veterans, it’s also getting them to give thanks for having their struggles so accurately displayed on screen. With the deepest respect for these real heroes, the thoughtful star is more than glad that the film raises awareness for PTSD, and he is genuine as can be as he is as thrilled to have helped our troops as he is to make yet another great film.

“Thank You For Your Service” has now been out a week, and it seems as though Beyer isn’t just a good actor, but he’s also a bit of a soothsayer considering the film has not only already garnered outstanding reviews, particularly for his compelling portrayal of James Doster, but the poignant drama has also received tremendous respect from our veterans- which is really most important as it seems to be a love letter to them. With the Universal Pictures film soaring toward award gold and Beyer being in some of the greatest modern classics, Wingman sat down with the scene-stealing star at the absolutely gorgeous Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles to find out more about the new hit and hear some stories from some of our favorites! Watch the interview below to see what Beyer had to say!