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Photo by Aurora Rose and John Fredrickson.



Photo by Aurora Rose and John Fredrickson.


As the hottest song and dance lounge for Broadway performers in New York City, many actors and singers have been finding a home at The Green Room 42 this past year, and since the magnetic artist Alexandra Socha has a show that revolves precisely around that concept, the stellar songstress quickly finds herself being one of the latest stars to shine bright on the stage of their Technicolor neo-noir theatre. From New England living, to major Broadway productions, and on to critically acclaimed television shows, the always down-to-earth starlet has a story to tell as she takes the audience through her experiences in her own musical style that transcends folk, bluegrass, jazz, classic opera, and standard contemporary Broadway. The show will undoubtedly not just be a gift for anyone who enjoys good music and a great performance, but with Socha’s charming and earnest relatability, her show, “Finding Home” becomes almost a tutorial and a must-see for anyone trying to break into acting or Broadway, and the beautiful, intimate, and shockingly affordable setting of The Green Room 42 can’t be beat as the place to experience it.

Photo by Aurora Rose and John Fredrickson.

Not simply just a mind-blowing singer, the swiftly rising star is also a fantastic actress who has already crossed over to film and television, acting alongside greats such as Laura Linney on “The Big C,” Glenn Close on “Damages,” and Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg on “Blue Bloods.” But, it was the compelling performer’s breakout role in the critically acclaimed coming of age Amazon Prime hit “Red Oaks” that cemented her as a bona fide television star as well as a Broadway singing sensation. With looks and talent that channel a cross between Winona Ryder, Ally Sheedy, and Mary-Louise Parker, and a voice and singing style that could maybe be a hybrid smoothie of Idina Menzel, Chantal Kreviazuk, and Socha’s own person favorite, Nickel Creek, the dynamic artist is a well-rounded and intriguing combination of drama and whimsy.

Photo by Aurora Rose and John Fredrickson.

With Alexandra’s endless charisma and casual laid-back attitude, “Finding Home” always feels like home for the audience and could almost like friends watching the actress tell stories in their living room- if it weren’t for the fact that they were in one of the most unbelievably hip and eye-popping places in the world. Located perfectly for Broadway goers right inside The Yotel, The Green Room 42 is exactly what Alexandra’s music is- a mixture of vintage, classic, and cutting edge, making it the perfect home for her story and show. Similar to the stunning star’s look and voice, the beautiful lounge is a wonder to behold as it could transcend anywhere between the 20’s, to the 80’s, to tomorrow, featuring graffiti print booths, luxurious purple curtains, and fun lighting fixtures that will easily impress any audience member. Guests can listen to Socha’s soulful songs that can range from anywhere between jazzy bluegrass to Broadway standards while sipping on elaborate, exciting cocktails and eating some of the best gourmet pizza, or Mac and cheese that New York City has to offer- a total win!

Photo by Aurora Rose and John Fredrickson.

In the city that never sleeps, there’s a live show of some sort every night- and of course, there’s no shortage of talent around The Big Apple, but while Socha rises way above the rest as far as entertainment value is concerned, where the gifted performer really shines is her ability to create a show with heart that will endear audiences into hearing her journey. Wannabe Broadway stars, current performers, and actors- which The Green Room 42 is known for being an enormous hub for- will feel as though she is speaking directly to them, and in a space so beautifully intimate as this she pretty much is. Fans of theater and television who are looking for an amazing night out will relish in the bang for the buck value of seeing such a skilled entertainer that comes from two cult sensations from both stage and screen with “Red Oaks,” and “Spring Awakening,” and anyone looking to be seen at the hottest lounge in New York will soak up the rays of the endlessly chic ambiance that the hotspot has to offer. All in all, it seems as though both Alexandra Socha- and her audience- have found the perfect home in The Green Room 42.


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